Meet our Cats!


If you would like to inquire about any of our animals, have any questions, or would like to arrange a time to come meet them please contact us. Phone: 906-293-6622 or email:


Carmella: Introducing Carmella! She is a one-year-old female with beautiful colors, and she is cuddly to boot! Don’t be fooled by her timid nature at first – Carmella loves pets and being playful. She is currently in foster care, where her foster cat brothers are successfully teaching her how to live with other cats. This sweet girl is ready for a home! If you would like to adopt her, call 906-293-6622

Fiona: This is the lovely Fiona! This young mama had five adorable kittens here at the shelter. Now that they found their homes, she is ready for a well-deserved life of leisure at hers. She’s inquisitive, loves attention, and is an overall chill cat. If you are looking for a quiet cat, look elsewhere! Fiona was given the gift of gab and makes sure everyone knows exactly what she wants. She can’t wait to meet you!

Bagheera: reIntroducing Bagheera! He is eight years old and ready for his forever home. Bagheera loves to explore, soak up pets, and likes to be brushed. He prefers to be in charge of things though he makes up for his bossy tendencies with his great personality and good looks. If you are interested in this guy, call Luce County Animal Shelter at 906-293-6622

Bandit: Meet Bandit! This guy is a sweet, lovable, curious cat with a relaxed personality. Bandit enjoys exploring, head scratches, and snuggles. He is an elderly 16 years old cat and deserves to live in a forever home Bandits adoption fee is sponsored, and will steal your heart!


Sybil: Say hi to Sybil! This gal loves attention, playtime, and being held. This outgoing gal is ready to be your best friend. Sybil has FIV and requires to be in a one-cat household. Sybil is a healthy and energetic cat and shows no symptoms. To find out more about FIV click here.

Leo: Meet Leo. This sweet guy loves attention and will melt into your hand when you pet him. He is a long-haired cat and is super soft. He is ready for a laidback home where he can stretch his legs and soak up the love.

Mickey: Introducing Mickey! He is a fun, loving, and energetic cat. Mickey’s favorite hobbies include chasing his toys, being pet, and climbing the cat tower whenever he gets a chance. He is a playful cat who will soak up all the love and attention he can.

Sally: Say hello to sally! She came to the shelter last September and has been here over a year! She can be a little shy but when approached with a slow and gentle hand she LOVES pets. She likes to chase toys and rub against legs. She’s a relaxed cat that is ready to find her forever home. Sally is around three years old up to date on all shots, spayed, and ready for adoption


Stevie: Stevie has come a long way while staying at the shelter. When he first arrived, he wanted nothing to do with people. However, the shelter volunteers and staff grew on him over time, and now he demands attention. When it comes to getting attention, Stevie believes that communication is key. This chatty cat will let you know when it is time for some chin rubs, Head scratches, and even belly rubs. If you need a smile, Stevie is your guy; with his affectionate and charismatic personality Stevie makes a great companion, and he is ready to prove it!

Shade: At first Shade started off as more of an introvert; he liked to observe his siblings and tended to let his sisters call the shots; however, overtime he has become more confident and has blossomed into an affectionate and playful cat. Shade loves to spend time exploring the wonders of the sink, Curling up on your lap, and striking a pose-this photogenic guy looks great in photos and he will look even better in a forever home!


Lettie: Introducing Lettie! Now an attention hog, this sweet and loveable girl came to LCAS scared and timid. Lettie preferred boxing over making new friends and kept to herself at first, until she realized the people feeding her and loving her were on her side. She now can’t get enough playtime and pets! Give this sweet one-year-old gal a chance. If you’re looking for a purrfect companion, Lettie loves attention and will soak up as much as you can give her!

Victor: Victor is a shy cat who needs gentle care and patience. He likes to relax and do his own thing but enjoys chin scratches and pets every now and then.

Olive: Olive is a laid back girl who loves pets and playtime. Is around a year and a half spayed and up to date on all shots

Rosie: Rosie is a shy girl. It takes her a while to warm up to others. She loves to play. The best way to bond with her is through playtime. At first she wasn’t a fan of pets but now she will allow it. Is 2-3 years old.

Angel: At first Angel can be shy and reserved but the more she gets to know you she is an absolute sweetheart! She loves to be pet and will melt into your hand. She is a very soft 2 year old tabby. Angel has allergies and is on a prescription diet to help her with that, Her food while she is at the shelter is sponsored.