Meet our Dogs!


If you would like to inquire about any of our animals, have any questions, or would like to arrange a time to come meet them please contact us. Phone: 906-293-6622 or email:

Chewy: Meet Chewy! A playful and energetic pitbull mix. Chewy is looking for a home that will keep him busy with walks, playtime, and just about anything active. Chewy enjoys snuggling and lounging around when he finishes running off his energy. This goofball will do best with a home that is patient and quick on its feet. Though he has gone through training and is doing much better when bored, Chewy will live up to his name, meaning he needs to be mentally stimulated, kept busy, and connected with a home willing to find what works best for the adopter and adoptee.

Nala: a 6 year old Siberian Husky up to date on all shots, microchipped and spayed. Is friendly, and is very smart! Nala will need an active home with lots of room for plenty of exercise! She enjoys being with people and would love to find a forever home for the rest of her years. She is picky about her dog friends and does not get along with cats. She has been through the prison program for her training.


Shiloh: Shiloh takes her time in warming up to people and needs lots of patience and TLC. She can appear aggressive when you first meet her and may need to be muzzled in certain situations. Once she gets to know you She will show off her dazzling personality. Shiloh is charming and loyal. She loves playing with a frisbee, her favorite palace is outside. Once she is comfortable, Shiloh will take all the attention she can. Whether it be snuggles or playtime she may need a lot of patience and training but she is worth it!

Ace: Meet Ace! He is a two-year-old Australian shepherd and a sweet, loveable goofball who enjoys snuggles and is always ready for playtime. Ace is an active dog and has exhibited his herding tendencies and may do best with those familiar with his breed. He would love living on a farm!

*This two-year-old boy is neutered and up to date on his shots

Bodi: Just came in, very cute, walks well, full of slobber. He is currently in the prison program! For more information and updates on him please reach out to us.

Buddy: This guy needs extra patience and a lot of love. When he first came to the shelter, it took him time to adjust to both the people and his environment. There are still some people he is unsure of. However, he has made some friends that love him very much. Buddy started as a fearful dog who reacted aggressively when he felt uncertain. However, he has been able to build his confidence and has been showing off his adorable and goofy personality. Nevertheless, there are times when he is startled and needs a patient and resilient owner. Buddy loves to be outside and would love a yard to explore in, he loves to play and will eventually find a spot on your lap once he is comfortable. Buddy deserves a kind, gentle home where he can continue learning and growing. He would do best in a small, quiet household without other dogs and children. If you are interested, we recommend that you come and visit him a few times before deciding to adopt him. This will allow him to get used to you and show off his personality;

*Buddy is currently on medication to help with his Anxiety and is going through training with shelter staff.